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June 22, 2018

A Range of Panache Cocktails, created by Tails & Ale, Horwich!

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A huge compliment to the quality of our product is that the guys at Tails & Ale have created a range of traditional cocktails and some original ones all based around Panache!

We caught up with Bar Manager, Scott “Budgey” Walsh, so he could tell us about the exciting new cocktail menu.

“Everybody here loves Panache, in their Gin and in their Vodka, so we thought, why not give the people what they want but in other drinks too.  We have created a range of Daiquiris and Mojitos and incorporated Panache in to these.  The most popular are the Raspberry, Blueberry and Dark Cherry.

We also designed a short drink incorporating the flavour of the month, currently, sweet violet.  The sweet violet is insanely popular with our Gin customers so we designed a drink using the flavour and it’s going down a storm!

“The Aviation” is served in a Martini Glass, it consists of 50ml of Gin, 15ml of Sweet Violet Panache, 15ml Maraschino liquor, 15ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice all shaken in a Boston shaker and double-strained before being garnished with cherry and served.  The drink takes people on a walk down memory lane bringing back that Parma Violet nostalgia.”

There are many more Panache inspired cocktails which we’re sure everybody is going to embrace!

Keep up the great work Tails & Ale!