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May 31, 2018

Panache @ Crux Emporium, Horwich

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Crux Emporium?  If you haven’t been add this to your list of must go’s!  A Harry Potter themed bar!

We are honoured to partner with such a unique and innovative establishment and to be used as one of the ingredients in their “potions”.

Again, we have been ever present at Crux emporium and have a great relationship with the team, the bar’s owner Tom Benson is ever the Panache Enthusiast:

“The versatility, simplicity, quality and authenticity of Panache is what makes it so popular for me.  There is no confusion of its flavours, the Dark Cherry is one the best examples, its Fantastic.  I use it in my cocktails and it really gets people talking at my Potion making classes as it is relatively unknown and therefore a pleasant surprise.  Panache created a Sherbet Lemon flavour that is unbelievable and extremely popular.  Even the Mombasa has become my own secret addition to the traditional Old Fashioned cocktail.  We are even going to start using Panache in a range of flavoured foams we will be creating, I know they are very excited to see these.”

Crux really is a must visit for a cocktail, but we would highly recommend taking part in one of their afternoon cocktail classes in a group, great value and great fun, all of course with a dash of Panache.