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June 18, 2018

Panache @ VS Liquid Lounge, Horwich

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This is the most unique and innovative partner we have, but what a genius idea it’s proving to be!

After seeing our product available at Tails & Ale, VS owner had a brain wave.  Personalised Alcoholic Slush Drinks…

Ian explained:

“I purchased a Slush Machine and decided it was two restrictive to have just 2 flavours available, so I started to produce non-flavoured slush and stock Panache so my customers can select their own flavour each time and it has gone down a storm!  There is something really satisfying about watching a group of people each have there own flavoured Gin or Vodka Slush, and all trying one another’s .  In my opinion there is no better flavour infusion around than Panache, myself and my customers couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

We must applaud Ian for his ambition and have to ask the question, is the nothing that you can’t add a dash of Panache to?