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Dark & Stormy

Yields1 ServingPrep Time10 minsCook Time10 minsTotal Time20 mins

 20 ml Fresh Lime Juice
 2 dashes Angostura Bitters
 100 ml Ginger Beer (not Ginger Ale)
 50 ml Dark Rum
 10 ml Panache Rhubard Flavour Infusion (Optional)

Take a Collins or Hi-Ball glass and fill roughly 3/4 with ice. And now add 20ml of fresh lime juice alongside 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters


Now add 100ml of Ginger Beer to your glass. Remember Ginger Beer, not Ginger ale. The fierier the better


Now take 50ml of Dark Rum and add this to the top of your glass and you wll see where this drink gets its name from


Garnish with lime wedges


Now for the interesting bit, above is the traditional dark and stormy. Try adding 10ml of Panache Rhubarb at step 1 to make a brilliant variation