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We aim to keep our product as diverse and unique as possible as we acknowledge and understand how vital it is for this industry to be fresh.  Panache has helped boost the sales of Spirits and other drinks.  We strive to be one step ahead of market trends by developing new cost effective ways for both the business and public to benefit.

As our product is highly concentrated this gives the distributor a higher rate of servings per bottle.  Whereas most other syrups require 25ml-50ml Panache only requires servings of between 5ml-10ml dependant on beverage size etc.

Panache is developed and manufactured by the highest quality Flavourist is the UK and beyond.  A member of BEMA (BRITISH ESSENCE MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION) we are at the top of our trade and take great pride in the quality we provide.

Our ingredients are sourced from the 4 corners of the globe ensuring complete customer satisfaction and superior quality.  With a vigorous supply chain procurement process implemented we believe we are at the standard expected by the industry.

With next day delivery available we aim to keep our clients continuously stocked with Panache and strive to work on a personal level with all partners however big or small.